About DiamondBack Construction

DiamondBack Construction was founded on the principle that, "the customer is always right". Mickey Sheehan, PRESIDENT, is an advocate for the concept of quality at a fair price. Every job is quoted at a fair and reasonable price without padding the back-end with excuses and addtional costs that blindside our clients.

Everyone knows that hiring construction and remodeling contractors can be a risky proposition. After all, Mickey is also a homeowner who has hired his share of contractors. DiamondBack Contruction is serious about quality assurance and believes in doing the job right the first time.

Every craftsman that works for DiamondBack Construction is a qualified expert in their respective fields who undergoes strenuaous evaluations before ever being hired. If "reputation is everything", then DiamondBack Construction excels in meeting deadlines and budgets to the point that our reputation is second-to-none.

We recognize that our most important job is to make dreams come true. That means we are accutely aware that you depend on us and expect nothing but professionalism, expertise, and quality. Collectively, this means you depend on our HONESTY. Being aware of this means we invest our resources into assuring your satisfaction whether it involves continuing education, negotiating better prices with vendors, or coming back to fix any issues at no additional cost to you.

Our business runs on referrals, and we do not deserve any referrals without first having done a spectacular job for our clients. Rest-assured, every employee and contractor of DiamondBack Construction is putting his or her name on each job they do. It is our pleasure and honor to earn your trust by performing our job to meet, or exceed, your expectations.

Please consider us as your remodeling or light-contruction company for your next project in Georgia. We are committed to providing you with timely quotes, fair pricing, and the completion of your job within budget.

Either complete the Submit Your Project form online, or simply call us at (678) 222-6489 to discuss your needs. We look forward to serving you with HONOR and INTEGRITY.